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On June 29, 2017, the OCFO and IT will be migrating the Lab's TRavel and EXpense Reimbursement System (TREX) from PeopleSoft 8.8 to PeopleSoft 9.2. Although this transition is called an upgrade, there will be no changes to the existing functionality of TREX. To facilitate a successful transition between the PeopleSoft environments, the Travel Office has detailed a short blackout period to accommodate IT with the move:


Blackout Period:


  • 6/21 Wednesday - Last day to submit Division Approved expense reports in TREX
  • 6/23 Friday - Travelers, Travel Arrangers and Approvers will no longer have access to create or modify trips in TREX 8.8
  • (travelers, arrangers, and approvers will have view only access in TREX 8.8)
  • 6/26 Monday - Last day Travel Office will approve expense reports for payment 
  • (only expense reports that are approved and complete will be processed for payment)
  • 6/27 Tuesday - Last payment run for Travel
  • 6/27-6/28 - TREX Blackout Period (see blackout period impacts below)
  • 6/29 Thursday* - Go-Live: TREX 9.2 is available to create new authorizations and expense reports.
  • 6/30 Friday* – Travel resumes payment runs 

*Estimated date


Blackout Period Impacts: 


  • No expense reports or authorizations can be entered into the TREX system during blackout period
  • No payments for Travel expense reimbursements will be processed during the blackout period
  • Emergency payment requests are not available for Travel expense reimbursements
  • Expense reports that were not processed before the blackout period must be recreated in TREX 9.2


What to Expect After Go-Live:




Any authorization created in TREX that does not contain a final expense report will be migrated. This will allow users to create prepayment expense reports and final expense reports from authorizations. Essentially any open trip will be available to you in TREX. 


Expense Reports:


Expense reports will not be migrated into the new environment. Please ensure that any expense report pending certification or pending division approval is submitted to the Travel Office by 6/21. Please launch COGNOS to identify your open trips. Any expense report that is not submitted and division approved by 6/21 must be recreated in 9.2 after Go-Live on 6/29. 

Offsite Accessibility:


As part of the Laboratory’s ongoing efforts to improve cyber security, TREX will require VPN for off site access beginning June 29th 2017. Users can get more information about VPN installation at the IT VPN help page and get assistance at IT Help. VPN service is provided at no charge for all LBNL employees and affiliates.


Limiting access to the TREX application to those on our network or using VPN helps to limit the exposure of the application to hostile attackers on the internet. Applications exposed on the internet are subject to constant attack, and while LBL’s security systems help to reduce this exposure, IT judged that further reducing this risk was appropriate for TREX at this time.


If you have questions about VPN or feedback about this change, please visit IT Help.


Old TREX Records:


Authorizations and expense reports created in the old TREX system will be available as "View Only". A link to the old TREX system will be posted on the Travel Services homepage.


Should you have any questions or would like assistance with TREX, please contact your Division Travel Liaison Committee (TLC) representative. If further assistance is needed, please contact Travel Services by submitting a Help Ticket via askUS.