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Travel Office is Going Green with eReceipts!


eRecriptsThe Lab has moved to electronic submission of all receipts required for travel expense reimbursement, effective December 9, 2013. All receipts must be submitted electronically via the TREX system. 


Travelers are no longer required to submit original paper receipts for their travel reimbursements. Paper receipts should not be sent to the Travel Office. Travelers should keep the original receipts until reimbursement has been received.


This enhancement will also allow expense report approvers to view and verify the attached receipts at the time of their approval in TREX. 


The approval process and workflow of Authorizations and Expense Reports in TREX is not changing.


Receipt Attachment Requirements


  • All receipts are to be attached by the traveler or travel arranger (See the Reference Guide)
  • Only PDF attachments are accepted in TREX.

Paper Receipts

All paper receipts are to be scanned and attached to the expense report as a PDF file

Receipts Received Electronically

All receipts that are electronically received are to be converted to a PDF and attached to the expense report


Other formats such as, jpeg, Word doc., tif, Excel…..are not accepted formats in TREX.

  • In accordance with LBNL Policy, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may not be submitted electronically - Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  Attachments containing this information must have all visible PII redacted/removed.


Receipt Requirements


Receipts are always required for the following:

Airline Tickets


Event Registrations

Car Rentals

Expenses $75 and over

Any $ Amount

Any $ Amount

Any $ Amount

Any $ Amount

(excluding meals*)


*Receipts for meals are not required regardless of the dollar amount.


Receipt Attachment Best Practices 


  • Receipts should be on one PDF file, however if this is not practical, multiple PDF attachments are ok; provided they are named properly as indicated in the naming convention guidelines below.
  • Suggested naming convention for receipts is as follows: Trip number, traveler’s last name and first initial, report ID number and description, (i.e., 93758 Smith J 147781 Hotel).
  • Receipts should be attached in the following order – (1) airline tickets, (2) hotel/lodging, 3) event registration, (4) car rental, and (5) any additional receipts.
  • All receipts should be scanned in the same direction.  



If you have any questions, please contact the Travel Office:

Phone: 510.486.4500

Email: TravelHelp@lbl.gov




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