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The TREX travel reimbursement system is now up and running. The new Project and Activity information is now available for all new and existing authorizations and expense reports.


To look up the new Project and Activity, please CLICK HERE.


Expense reports that were division approved after September 10th, and were not processed by the Travel Office (paid) will be returned for Project and Activity update. Reimbursement payments will resume October 1st.  

Note: You must clear cache (or browsing history) in the browser you are using to log into TREX.



FY14 Year-End Close and F$M Cutover


As of October 1, 2014, the Laboratory will be upgrading the current Financial Management System. This is known as the Financial Systems Modernization Project (F$M).


TREX Authorization and Expense Report submission will remain in the current system (PeopleSoft 8.8); however, payments will be processed via the new system (PeopleSoft 9.2).


The old Project ID structure will be replaced with the new Project and Activity configuration. This means that all trips with old Project ID’s will need to be processed prior to the F$M cutover.


Key Dates and Actions for the FY14 Year-End Process:


Wednesday, September 10:

Last day to submit and Division Approve expense reports in TREX

Thursday, September 18:

Last day Travel Office will approve expense reports for payment *only expense reports that are approved and complete will be processed for payment.

Note: TREX will be available for travel authorizations until COB September 18.


Friday, September 19:

Last payment run for Travel


Friday, September 19 -Wednesday, September 24 *estimated date:

TREX Blackout Period *see Blackout information below.


Thursday, September 25 *estimated date:

TREX is available to update unprocessed expense reports with new project and activity information


Wednesday, October 1 – Target date:           

System resumes payments in FMS 9.2


Blackout Period Impacts:


  • No expense reports can be entered into the system during the TREX blackout period
  • No payments for expense reimbursements will be processed during the blackout period
  • Emergency payment requests are not available for expense reimbursements
  • Expense reports that were not processed before the blackout period will be returned for re-processing when F$M goes live. Traveler/Arranger will need to update project and activity, re-submit for traveler certification and Division Approval.


Questions: email TravelHelp@lbl.gov



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