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These procedures apply to travel for official Laboratory business that is conducted within 150 miles of the Laboratory, or primary work site, that is completed in one calendar day and that does not require lodging. Prior written approval is not required for local travel. However it is in the best interest of the traveler to discuss plans and estimated expenses with the appropriate individual before incurring any cost.



Private Automobile


Insurance Coverage:


  • General: The Laboratory has a responsibility to require that employees conform to public policy regarding financial responsibility of operating a private automobile. The minimum prescribed liability insurance coverage is (1) $15,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person; (2) $30,000 for injury to, or death of two or more persons in one accident and (3) $5,000 for propety damage.
  • Frequent Use An employee who uses a privately owned automobile for Laboratory business on more than four trips per calendar month totaling at least 300 miles is required to show satisfactory evidence of liability insurance coverage to his/her Division office before mileage reimbursement is allowed.
  • Damage to Private Automobile Up to $500 reimbursement may be authorized to cover the insurance deductible when an employee's privately owned automobile is damaged while being used to conduct official Laboratory business. Expenses recoverable from insurance coverage are not reimbursable. Receipts are required.




  • Mileage Reimbursement: Mileage reimbursement is intended to cover the cost of routine repairs, tires, gasoline or other automobile expense items. When two or more persons share an automobile, only the driver may claim reimbursement for mileage.
  • Allowable Mileage: If a traveler drives directly to/from the temporary work site with no stop at the primary work site, actual miles may be claimed. If he/she stops at the primary work site the normal commute mileage must be deducted for either direction the stop was made.
  • Temporary Assignment: Employees assigned to work at an alternate work site on a temporary basis may claim reimbursement for their commute mileage in excess of the normal commute mileage between their residence and the primary work site.
  • Parking and Other Expenses: Charges for parking as well as for ferries, bridges, tunnels or toll roads, while on official business are allowed. Receipts are required for any expense of $75.00 or more.


Official Laboratory Automobile


  • Mileage: No mileage reimbursement is paid when a traveler uses an official Laboratory vehicle.
  • Charges for Gasoline: Gasoline company credit cards are available from the Motor Pool and should be used for purchasing gas and oil for these cars. Credit card receipts must be turned in with the vehicle.
  • Parking and Other Expenses: Charges for parking, ferries, bridges, tunnels or toll roads, while on official business are allowed. Receipts are required for any expense of $75.00 or more.
  • Minor Repairs: Charges for minor repairs are reimbursable. Receipts are required. Before having any repair made with an estimated cost of $50.00 or more, the traveler must contact the Motor Pool for approval.


Rental Cars


  • Rental cars should be used for local travel only when no other means is available or practical. Rental cars may not be billed directly to the Lab and receipts are required.


Alternate Local Transportation


  • Taxi fares, including 15% tip, are allowed when the use of public transportation is impractical or not available.
  • Privately owned motorcycles are not authorized for use on official laboratory business. No transportation reimbursement is made for the use of such vehicles.


Registration Fees


  • Actual costs of registration fees for meetings and conferences are reimbursed. Receipts and other appropriate documentation, such as agenda or program, are required.


Claiming Reimbursement


  • Local travel expenses are reimbursed in TREX using Local Trip Type Expense Report.  Receipts (if applicable), attached to a copy of the expense report, should be sent to the Travel Office (MS: 971-TR).
  • The following documentation is needed:
  • Parking receipts for any amount $75.00 or over
  • Receipts for registration fees for meetings or conferences
  • Copy of agenda or program if meals are included
  • Origin and destination for mileage claims




  • The is no meal cost reimbursement for trips 12 hours or less, however, reimbursement may be made for actual costs of meals that are part of official published programs of meetings (not to exceed the appropriate CONUS rate), regardless of the time of travel.
  • If travel time exceeds 12 hours, use the Domestic Trip Type Expense Report in TREX to claim M&IE.