Travel Reimbursement Information

Speedy Reimbursements: What You Can Do to Reduce the Time it Takes to Reimburse Travel Expenses


The most common complaint received by the Travel Office is that reimbursement takes too long. As part of the travel reengineering process currently underway, an analysis was done to determine the source of the problem. The number one finding was vouchers (expense reports) received by the Travel Office missing one or more required receipts. In many cases, what is submitted as a receipt does not meet the criteria. Below you will find information on receipts and other required documentation as well as tips that will help the Travel Office to process reimbursement more quickly:


Receipt Criteria:


Acceptable Receipts Typically Include the Following: Unacceptable Receipts Are Usually Missing Amounts and/or Proof of Payment. Examples of Unacceptable Receipts Include:

Name of the company (airline, hotel, rental car, etc.)

Name of the traveler

Transaction dates

Amount of charges

Proof/method of payment

Airline boarding passes

Itinerary Registration forms without payment confirmations

Registration forms without payment confirmations

Rental car estimates/agreements


Click HERE for examples of acceptable and unacceptable receipts.


Required “Original” Receipts and Documents* – The following must be submitted:


  • Passenger receipts for transportation tickets (air, rail) in any amount
  • Receipts for all lodging expenses in any amount
  • Receipts for rental automobiles in any amount
  • Receipts/confirmations for conferences/registration fees in any amount with associated forms detailing the costs (conference agenda identifying meals provided)
  • Receipts for extraordinary items such as repair of accidental car damage
  • Receipts for any other expenses of $75 or more
  • Foreign trip report (foreign vouchers only)
  • FXConverter Results print-out when converting foreign currency receipts (


*When original receipts cannot be obtained or have been lost, the “Lost Receipts Disclaimer” must be included as part of the documentation submitted with the travel report. Electronic receipts are acceptable provided that the detail contained in an electronic receipt is equivalent to the level of detail contained in an original acceptable paper record.