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Frequently Asked Questions about TREX




Q: What number do I use to purchase Carlson Wagonlit airline ticket?

A: It is the LBNL trip number (not the Travel Auth number or Report ID number )



Q: I have locked myself out of TREX by typing in the wrong password, how do I get it unlocked?

A: TREX will allow five attempts to sign in, after that the system will lock you out. Send e-mail to [email protected] to get unlocked.

Q: My LDAP user name and password doesn't work with TREX, what do I do?

A: It is possible that you have a separate user ID and password for FMS e-Pro. Try that one. If that doesn't work, e-mail [email protected].



Q: My business location does not come up in TREX, what do I do?

A: It is best to enter the first three or four letters of the city name and click on the magnifying glass. Then choose from the list displayed. If you still don't find your business location, please request the location to be added via [email protected] or the Travel Help Desk subcategory "Add location to TREX"



Q: Can I modify a domestic authorization once I submit it for approval?

A: Once you have submitted a domestic authorization, you are locked out and not able to modify as the system auto approves. Make the necessary changes on the expense report created from the authorization.

Q: What do I do if I created a domestic Travel Authorization and forgot to submit it? Can I finish it after the traveler returns from the trip?

A: Yes. You may finish the authorization after the fact.



Q: What do I do if I had created a domestic Travel Authorization or Expense Report and then the trip was canceled?

A: If no Lab purchased airline or train ticket was issued you can Cancel the document. If both Travel Authorization and Expense Report were created you must cancel the Expense Report prior to canceling the Authorization. If Lab purchased ticket was purchased you must submit an ER for the cost of the ticket.

Q: What do I do if I had created a foreign Travel Authorization and then the trip was canceled?

A: You must first let the Travel Office Foreign Desk know the trip was canceled. If the authorization had been submitted for approval it would have to be returned for revision. Then proceed to Cancel the document.



Q: I can't see the whole screen, right side is cut off?

A: Minimize the left hand menu by clicking the minus sign at the top of the menu box.


Q: How do I get to a previous screen in a document when there no “Previous” button on the screen?

A: Click on the left hand side menu “Berkeley Lab Travel & Expenses”, then on “Manage Trips” and Action Request Expense Report – Modify. Click through the screens until you get to the desired screen.

Q: I know I have an error on the expense screen, but I don’t get the error message. What do I do?

A: Make sure your pop-up blockers are disabled when using TREX. If pop-up blockers are enabled, the important error messages will not appear.



Q: If an existing Guest ID number does not come up in TREX (e.g., G12345), what do I do?

A: Contact [email protected] or the Travel Help Desk and provide the Guest ID number to have the guest activated in TREX.

Q: How do I request a new Guest ID number?

A: Request a Guest ID number via the Travel Help Desk. Choose the Category: Request Guest ID #.

Q: What do I do if I can’t find a traveler in the system?

A: Check to see if the traveler is in your division. If not, you must request access to the traveler’s division via [email protected].

Q: How does a Guest certify their Expense Report?

A: The arranger is authorized to certify the Expense Report on behalf of non-badged guests. It is the division’s responsibility to collect and retain guest’s written certification of expenses incurred. This can be done via e-mail or faxed copy of the signed expense report.

Q:  The badged guest (with a valid Employee I number) is not coming up in TREX.  What do I do?

A: Verify in the Lab’s directory that the guest has an LBNL email address and an LDAP account.  If not, please request these be set-up in order for the traveler to appear in TREX.  Allow 24 hours after they’ve been established for the guest to show up in the system.


TREX Statuses


Q: What do the various statuses mean?

A: Refer to TREX Statuses for an explanation.




Q: I am an approver.  How do I get to my Worklist?

A: Sign in to TREX with your LDAP and click on word Worklist in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Q: What do I do if the division approver for a foreign authorization is not available to approve?

A: Find out who is authorized to approve foreign authorizations in their absence and then have the business manager or the senior division manager contact [email protected]


Q: What do I do when the selected approver is not available to approve and I find out after I have submitted the expense report?

A: Find out who is approving in the approver’s absence and contact [email protected] have the document re-routed.




Q: How do I know if the Travel Office has received my receipts?

A: Go to Expense Report-View and click on the Trip History link. The status, Receipts Received, will appear if the Travel Office has received the receipts.

Q: How and where do I attach my required receipts and where do I send them?

A: Click on the Printable View button at the bottom to get a copy of the Expense Report or simply print the last page (Expense Report Detail). Attach receipts to it and send to the Travel Office at MS: 971-TR in the bright green envelope.

Q: How do I get reimbursed for local travel that has taken more than 12 hours, so I get the 75% of M&IE?

A: Use a domestic trip type and choose Trip Duration less than 24 Hours.



Q: What is the difference between “Benefit to the Lab” and “Purpose” on a foreign trip?

A: Benefit to the Lab means: How does the Lab/DOE benefit from you going on the trip. Purpose means: What are you doing while on the trip (i.e. attending a conference, giving a presentation, conducting an experiment, visiting a site)


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