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Car Rental Information


Personal Vehicles


Mileage Reimbursement Rate: .0545 cents per mile for business miles driven, effective January 1, 2018.


Rental Cars


Travelers on official business are expected to utilize corporate rate agreements with the rental car companies listed below. These agreements, negotiated by LBNL or UC, include insurance coverage for CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) and LDW (Loss Damage Waiver). CDW and LDW insurance are not reimbursable on domestic midsize/intermediate car rentals. Travelers must decline insurance offered at domestic car rental counters.


The National Car rental agreement, negotiated by LBNL, can be obtained by requesting the corporate rate ID #5134113. This agreement includes free membership in National's Emerald Club. Besides completely bypassing the rental counter in most airports, this membership allows the traveler to pay the rate for a midsize car and choose his/her own car from the "Emerald Aisle." All cars on the Aisle are midsize or larger.


Hertz has waived the $60.00 #1 Club Gold enrollment fee for LBNL employees!


Below is the web URL for the LBNL account:

Simply copy/paste this into your web browser. The $60.00 enrollment fee will be waived, and LBNL's Hertz CDP number will be passed into the enrollment process.

ALERT: This is the only URL that will function correctly for LBNL!  Do not alter the URL in any way and do not use any other URL to enroll in Hertz #1 Club Gold.


Car Rental Agreements:

  • Enterprise ID #XZ23A02
  • Hertz ID #72113
  • National ID #5134113


When renting a car in a foreign country, insurance charges are reimbursable and are not included in any corporate agreements. Accept optional insurance coverage offered in foreign countries. This applies to liability insurance only.


All car rental charges are to be billed to the traveler's Laboratory corporate card or to a personal credit card. No car rentals may be direct billed to the Lab.


Auto Accidents:


In the event of an automobile (privately owned vehicle or rental vehicle) accident, please submit an accident report in askUS by clicking here. Please be sure to attach photos of damage, police report (when applicable), receipts (towing, roadside assistance, etc.), rental vehicle receipt, or any other relevant information to facilitate a seamless claim process. Once submitted, the completed report is transmitted to Travel Services, Health Services, and Laboratory Legal. 


For information about how to handle an auto accident and other car/travel related safety issues, visit the Travel Safety page HERE.