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How to Obtain and Use the LBNL Credit Card (USBank)


Corporate Travel Charge Cards


The Laboratory offers a corporate US Bank Visa card to career employees who travel at least once a year. The cards are to be used only for expenses associated with official travel such as hotels, meals, miscellaneous expenses and registration fees.


Cards are issued at no cost to the traveler and with no individual credit check. Applications are available from the Lab Travel Office or may be printed from this home page. Once completed, the application must be approved by the traveler's supervisor and faxed to the Travel Office (x6888).




When a traveler is required to charge a conference registration fee or lodging deposit in advance of an approved trip, he/she may be reimbursed for that amount via TREX on a Pre-payment Expense Report, before the trip takes place.

Travelers are expected to obtain necessary cash advances from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) using their US Bank Travel Card. The transaction fee for ATM withdrawals is 2 1/2% of the amount withdrawn, with a minimum of $2 and a maximum of $10. This is reimbursable under Credit Card/ ATM Fee expense type on the Expense Report in TREX.


Delinquency Fees


The Visa card is a charge card, not a credit card. This means that the balance showing on any statement is due in full each month. A delinquency fee of 2 1/2 percent of the past due amount will be applied to overdue balances. These fees are considered interest, which is an unallowable cost under the Laboratory's contract with the DOE. They may not be reimbursed with Laboratory funds.




When a cardholder terminates his/her position at the Laboratory the corporate card account should be closed and the card destroyed.



Email [email protected] for assistance with this corporate card.