Guest Travel

Guidelines for Non-Employee (Guest) Travel


These procedures apply to travel by individuals who are not Laboratory employees, but whose travel is being reimbursed, partially or in full, by Laboratory funds. Non-employees are usually Invited Guests, Guest Researchers or Interviewees who may also be Foreign Nationals.



A pre-trip authorization in TREX is required for non-employees. If travel is to or between foreign countries, additional approval from the Department of Energy may be required.


Guest ID Number (GXXXXX)


A guest ID number is required for all guests traveling for the Laboratory. To request a guest ID number, please submit a guest traveler form via askUS.



Safeguards and Security Management

NOTE: Please verify your traveler is not a citizen of one of the countries listed HERE; If yes, please contact LBNL security office for site clearance.



Generally, non-employees may be reimbursed for actual, necessary expenses up to what is allowed by policy. It is important that the host division or department inform the guest, before he/she incurs any expenses, what will be reimbursed by Laboratory funds. Including this information in the letter of invitation avoids potential misunderstanding of financial responsibility.


Air Tickets: Travel arrangements may be made through the Laboratory's contract travel agency in order to have tickets charged to the Laboratory's central airline billing account. Federal Travel Regulations require that U.S. carriers must be used for travel that is to be reimbursed from federal grants and contracts. This policy is called the Fly America Act.


Guests coming from a foreign country to the U.S. must have tickets displaying a U.S. carrier code and flight number in order to be reimbursable. Additional information regarding this requirement may be found on the link to the Fly America Act.


Travel Expense Reports

Non-employee travelers are required to submit completed travel expense reports to the host division upon the completion of travel. Receipt requirements are the same as for employees.


Foreign National Visitors

The following items apply to all foreign-national visitors to the Laboratory, including those from Canada and Mexico:


  • Visitors' Center - Individuals should report to the Visitors' Center upon arrival at the Laboratory. Appointments can be made by contacting the Center at ext. 6514.
  • Visa Requirements - Individuals must have a current immigrant, H-1, J-1, B-1, WB visa to receive travel reimbursement. Accepting funds without an appropriate visa classification may jeopardize an individual's status with United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). It is the responsibility of the host division to ensure that a guest has been advised in writing of visa requirements prior to travel.
  • Documentation - One of the following items of documentation must be attached to the travel expense report of foreign national guests:
    • (Most preferable) A copy of the appropriate visa; or
    • A copy of the letter of invitation advising the guest of the visa requirements; or
    • A copy of a letter that was included with reimbursement advising the guest that accepting payment without an appropriate visa may jeopardize his/her status with United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS).

Invited Guests

Invited guests are usually professional individuals who travel on behalf of the Laboratory for a short period of time to present a lecture, attend a meeting, participate in research, or conduct some other type of business that is beneficial to the Laboratory. Travel is usually completed in less than thirty days. If an Invited Guest is traveling under a consultant agreement with the Laboratory, the funding division is advised to contact the Procurement Office to ensure that travel expenses have been authorized as a part of the agreement.


Guest Researchers

Guest Researchers are individuals who are invited to participate in a Laboratory research project for an extended period of time, usually from three months to over one year. Students in cooperative programs are also included in this category. Guest researchers are eligible for reimbursement when they travel on Laboratory business. It may be appropriate to adjust the long term subsistence provided to the Guest Researcher during the days of any business travel



Interviewees are candidates for open positions at the Laboratory which have been posted by the Human Resources Department.

  • Spouse Travel - When it is in the best interest of the Laboratory, travel and subsistence expenses may also be reimbursed for the spouse of a job candidate on a final interview for a specific job opening. Interviewees being reimbursed for spousal travel should be informed of potential tax implications for accepting such reimbursement.