Travel Reimbursement Information

LBNL Policy on Transportation Expenses (RPM 11.08):

Travelers are expected to make every effort to obtain the most economical rates, use the most economical mode of transportation, and use the most usually traveled route consistent with the purpose of the trip.

Airfare Reimbursement Guidelines


Ensure That Your Airfare Will be Reimbursed


LBNL recommends that travelers purchase their airline tickets through the contracted agency, Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT). Reservations can be made through an on-line booking tool, Concur/Cliqbook, or by calling an agent direct at 1-888-243-1125.

Travelers who choose to purchase tickets from a source, other than CWT, will be reimbursed up to the amount the ticket would have cost the Laboratory if purchased through the agency.


There are several benefits to using CWT. The agency will:


  • Ensure the airfare is “allowable” based on the Published Airline Tariff and LBNL policy
  • Obtain LBNL Airfare Discounts with United, American, Delta and Virgin America Airlines
  • In the case of an international ticket, ensure compliance with the Fly America Act (Public Law 93-623)
  • Directly bill the Laboratory
  • Assist with booking hotels and car rentals
  • Provide 24/7 customer support
  • Automated IJet/Worldcue - ACE insurance submission


For travelers choosing not to use CWT to book airfare, below is information designed to help ensure that a ticket is allowable and in compliance with the Fly America Act:


  • Every effort should be made to obtain the most economical rate. (Note: travelers are not expected to use connecting flights or fly out of a specific airport in order to comply with this Laboratory policy.)
  • Coach class or any discounted class must be used. Refer to the Lab’s Travel Policy (RPM §4.01.I.2.a.) for exceptions.
  • If choosing to fly on United Airlines, contact CWT about the 2%- 10% discount agreement on selected Domestic and International airfares. (Note: This discount is also applied to United reservations booked and ticketed with TravelPower-Cliqbook.)
  • For international travel to be reimbursed from Federal grants and contracts, the Federal Travel Regulations require the Laboratory to use American flag carriers/U.S. Carrier code share flight numbers.

It is recommended that you e-mail a proposed itinerary or e-ticket receipt for review directly to the Travel Office,[email protected].  If applicable, the Travel Office will: 

  • Return a LBNL allowable/reimbursable airfare
  • Include LBNL allowable airfare
  • Advise of any unallowable/non-reimbursable costs due to:

    - Personal travel; and/or
    - Additional business destinations listed on the itinerary that will be directly reimbursed to travelers by other organizations.

  • Advise of any unallowable costs due to non-compliance of the Fly America Act .