Travel Reservations

Reservation Contacts:


  • Carlson Wagonlit: 888.243.1125
  • [email protected]

    Cliqbook / Concur


    Carlson Wagonlit Travel's online booking tool, Concur, gives Laboratory employees access to real time information on airlines, hotels, and rental cars, and the ability to make reservations anytime, anywhere via the web.


    Step One: Create a Profile


    You must have a personal profile in Carlson Travel's computer reservation system before you will be able to start a reservation with Concur/Cliqbook. Please complete a Traveler Profile Form by selecting [HELP DESK] at the top of this page. From within the portal, you will then select [Request a Travel Agency Profile].

    Once you've electronically submitted a traveler profile form to Carlson Wagonlit Travel, you will receive (3) email notifications: 

    1. Complete email from askUS (confirms profile was sent from LBNL to CWT)
    2. CWT Confirmation of receipt with a unique tracking number (It generally takes 24-48 hours for profiles to be setup and sync'd)
    3. CWT Profile complete (final confirmation)

      On the final confirmation email from Carlson Wagonlit Travel, there will be specific instructions on how to obtain your initial login to Concur. 

      If you already have a Traveler Profile with Carlson Travel, begin with Step Two.


    Step Two: Log on



    Step Three: Make a Reservation


    Travel Arrangers will need to link themselves to a Traveler's profile first in order to make reservations.  Click “Profile” from the menu bar, followed by "I'm assisting…" located at the lower left hand margin.  Type the traveler’s last name in the “Find a User” box.  Check the box “can book travel” and “Add/Update” after the system locates your traveler.  You are now linked to your traveler.

     From the homepage:


    • Travel Arrangers will then select their traveler's name/profile from the drop down menu “You are administering travel for:” located at the top right corner.
    • Select your city pairs by either entering them in the Travel Center or by clicking the Cliqbook Map green tab. Click on the little globe for International travel.
    • The default is for a Round-trip itinerary. You also have the option to choose "One Way", "Multi-Segment", "Open Segment" or just car and hotel. Enter your departure dates and times.
    • Select rental car and hotel if needed. The Hotel Program will advise the CONUS maximum per diem rate of each city.
    • Click SEARCH.
    • Click on your preferred carrier’s logo at the top of the results page to narrow your search and choices. Reserve your desired flights by clicking/filling the green radio button to the left of your desired flight, then click "Next".
    • Select your round trip combination by clicking “Reserve”.  You will see the rules of your airfare under your flights.
    • Review your itinerary on the “Travel Details’ page and click “Next”.


    Step Four: Complete Your Reservation


    You will need to enter your Travel Authorization Number on the "Trip Booking Information" page in order to complete your reservation.  Do not type in the letters “TA”; start with the leading zeros.


    • You have the option to "Hold Trip" (please note the ticketing deadline) or "Purchase Ticket". You will receive an email confirmation; however you may also view your confirmed itinerary and print your E-ticket Receipt at this web site, by entering your Cliqbook confirmation number. The password is the traveler's LBNL e-mail address.
    • Your ticket will be issued within 24 hours. The default is electronic tickets, however occasionally paper tickets must be issued.


    Additional Information


    • Please do not book your trip with Cliqbook if your departure time is within 4 hours. Call Carlson Travel directly at 1-888-243-1125.
    • Reservations made through this site are for LBNL employees and for official Lab business only.
    • To change or cancel a ticket, call 1-888-243-1125 then press 5 to talk to a Carlson Travel representative.
    • You may "Hold Trip" (please note ticketing deadline) if you are not ready to ticket your reservation yet or if you do not have your Trip Number. This feature allows you to open your "Held Trip", enter your Trip Number and complete your reservation, without losing any of your original information.
    • If you are unable to locate lodging within the government rate, add a note to Carlson Travel in the "Comments for the Travel Agent" section located on the Trip Booking Information page. Carlson will book approved lodging for you.
    • If you are using a credit on file for your trip, add a note to Carlson Travel in the "Comments for the Travel Agent" section as well.
    • Foreign trips funded by LBNL must be booked in compliance with the Fly America Act.