Travel: UC Business Insurance


UC Business Insurance
Clarification of Coverage


The UC Traveler Insurance Coverage is available for both domestic and foreign trips while traveling on Laboratory/UC business. The coverage, however, differs depending on destination. The insurance coverage for foreign trips is more comprehensive, and includes Personal Property, Lost Luggage, Trip Cancellation or Interruption, Emergency Reunion as well as Out-of-Country Medical.


The coverage for domestic trips is more basic and includes Emergency Medical Care and Evacuation, and does not cover loss of personal property.


Please see the UC Travel Assistance web page for more details.


LBNL employees using Carlson Wagonlit/Cliqbook to make their travel arrangements are no longer required to register each trip on the UC Business Travel website. The travel itinerary is automatically forwarded from Carlson Wagonlit to iJET and on to ACE USA (UC Berkeley Business Insurance Provider).

After purchasing an airline ticket via Carlson/Cliqbook, travelers receive a welcome email including the employee insurance card. Travelers are asked to print the insurance card and bring it on their trip.